Yacoub Sidya

The Letter of the Continent published an article titled “Alpha Condé seizes the file of the currencies of the BCRG.” The article about the so-called 21 million euros case of the Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea was a work of fiction and put people like Yacoub Sidya in an unfair negative light. This blog will try to help educate the public on the truth about Yacoub Sidya and why the Letter of the Continent was just wrong with many of the details it published.

For example, the newsletter refers to a meeting that involved people that weren’t there. The author was right when she said that a meeting took place on the day she said. However, she noted that Thus Antoumane Sy, a former representative of MSS in Guinea, was present in the meeting. He did not attend the meeting.

The Letter discusses how 21 million dollars disappeared from the Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea The President of the Republic, Professor Alpha Conde, actually met with Mr. Yacoub Sidya, CEO Of MSS; along with a representative of the IMF; the Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea; Colonel Tiegboro, the budget minister, and others at Sekhoutoureya Palace to dispel those rumors and determine any leaks to identify the true source of the anonymous letter.

The meeting was held to reassure financial partners of Guinea that the anonymous letter was false in nature and how disingenuous the journalists were to pick up the letter at the speed they did without any journalistic investigation. If they did, they would have learned that Mr. Yacoub Sidya had been treated terribly with the false accusations that were published and picked up by both domestic and foreign journalists. The letter instead aimed to hurt Mr. Yacoub Sidya in an effort to settle old scores presumably.

In this blog, we will talk about the philanthropic efforts Yacoub Sidya and MSS have made in Guinea and examine how such a decision could be made to publish an obvious hit piece with so many holes.